The Podcast

So now there's a podcast. What up. Up high. All of the future podcasts will be posted up on here and iTunes (Clicky). We'll try to update them as often as possible, to give you a little more Movieville in your day. Episode one: The birth of the 'cast Episode two: Dan & Kazed's Top 5 of 2010 Episode three: Kazed & Dan talk about...stuff Episode four: Kazed all by himself...sad face. Episode five: Wonder Woman, Captain America, Box Office stats and so on. Episode six: The Governator, Box Office stats and so on. Episode seven: Sucker Punch, Competition and so on. Episode eight: TV, video reviews, and MORE Episode nine: WB/Rotten Tomatoes, Box Office, and New releases Episode ten: Titanic, Box Office stats and NO ARNIE!?