'This American Journey' (2013) - Insightful, Eye Opening Journey Across Modern Day America.

Recently, we had the pleasure of asking Paul Blackthorne a few questions (you can check it out here) about his insightful documentary, This American Journey, which he Wrote, Directed and starred in alongside Photographer Mister Basquali.   What was meant to be a journey to discover what happened to The American… Read more →

Interview: This American Journey & Arrow's Paul Blackthorne Talks About TAJ, Arrow, Football And Upcoming Projects.

By Karan Dholakia Paul Blackthorne recently travelled across the United States to find out how much the country has changed over the years. From New York to Los Angeles, Paul and Mister Basquali travel to discover how the economy's collapse and how different people's vision of the country are. 1.… Read more →