Lore (2013) Review

Immediately following the death of Hitler, Germany fell into a rather desperate situation, with control and claim to land from Russia, France the UK and the USA. Lore takes place in this emotionally charged backdrop and is based on a core thread of Rachel Seiffert’s 2001 novel “The Dark… Read more →

Muni Reviews: The 63rd Annual Prime Time Emmy Awards 2011

So this year Jane Lynch was hosting, her most notable role in recent years has been starting as the cheerleading coach on Glee. The opening monologue was very good and as usual had great cameos of stars from hit shows over the past year, it was very well worked and… Read more →

Muni reviews: Hanna (2011)

This movie was some kind of awesome. From frame one, this movie completely enthralled me. It's a top-notch thriller that doesn't sacrifice its human side for the sake of explosions, chases, and fight scenes. At its core, there's a very complex character that's both interesting and sympathetic. The story begins… Read more →