Review: Chef - A Tasty Narrative That Contain The Perfect Ingredients For a Well Seasoned Food Porn Flick

By Karan Dholakia Favreau once again pulls quadruple duty in the form of Director, Co-Producer, Writer and Actor in this fantastic cinematic culinary pleasure. Jon Favreau had been trained by professional chef, Roy Choi in order to prepare for this role which made his role as Carl Casper was a… Read more →

SDCC 2012: 'Iron Man 3' (2013) footage shown at Comic-Con, Mandarin makes appearance

Source: CinemaBlend Man, this sounds exciting as hell, especially the segment with Guy Pearce, you can really feel him say those chilling lines. Amazing. Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) is in his technical laboratory. He asks Jarvis to cue up some seasonal music, and we get Run DMC’s Christmas in… Read more →