Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Does it fare well against the other standalone Marvel films? Where does it fit in the Marvel universe?

By Karan Dholakia Off the heels of a pretty awesome Thor flick, Captain America: The Winter Soldier is the next entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's a pretty big year for Marvel, with Guardians of The Galaxy coming to theatres in August, Amazing Spider-Man 2 tomorrow (May 2nd for… Read more →

Joss Whedon confirmed to Write & Direct Avengers 2(2015)! WOO!! Plus a television series?!!

Source: SlashFilm Hell yes! Thank god he's back for the sequel! Nobody can do it like Whedon can. The man knows the fans, he knows the medium, he knows the Universe, so who better than Joss Whedon to return to the helm? Read more after the jump. It was picked… Read more →