David Tennant in Jessica Jones is Compelling as Hell

Jessica Jones, the Netflix-exclusive series starring the ever-charming Krysten Ritter was the latest entry to the MCU for the small screen. Ritter, along with Dr Who David Tennant play Jessica Jones and Kevin Thompson/Kilgrave, respectively. I'll get straight to the point. Midway through watching Jessica Jones, the wife turned… Read more →

A Look at the Captain America 2: Civil War (2016) Trailer

It's Superhero season, folks. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the latest Captain America 2: Civil War trailer. After many years of hoping and waiting, we're finally treated to a glimpse of Spidey. After two iterations and 5 films, we've been given something which have finally culminated in… Read more →

Movieville Podcast Episode 32: Breaking the Sixteenth Wall

This month's edition of the Movieville Podcast, me and Kushal discuss marketing for film. Well, not explicitly, but we discuss how some films in recent times have utilised marketing effectively. In particular, we talk about, at length, about Deadpool, how its marketing could be construed as 'excessive', and how it… Read more →