About Movieville.org

Movieville.org was created in September of 2009, and the idea was originally designed by Dan, another member of the team here at Movieville.

The process was so frustrating and long that eventually, I was forced to use a preset theme- with a few tweaks. For those of you who don't know, the website is powered by WordPress, in which people can create blogs. Within these blogs, the user can change the theme, or overall 'look' of the blog. I opted to change the look of this, and turned it into a website. i realise this may seem lazy to some and maybe even cheap to some. I'm not an expert, and I wasn't prepared to fork out for a completely professional website.

Our goal for Movieville is to filter out all the crap and provide the news that people want to see. That's what we hope to achieve, and I'm almost certain we will.

From 17/10/09, we'll no longer be 'filtering out the crap', instead, we'll be providing you with our honest opinions on Film & TV topics. The reason for this is, well, to make the site a unique experience. Sure, there are other that would do the same, but would they have the same opinion as us? Nope.

We thank you for visiting us and hope you will come back again.

Thanks, from the Team.