Movieville Podcast - Episode 54: It's About Wakanda, Stupid

Back at it again, folks.

Now whilst we've been away from the website in a few months we haven't forgotten how to use it. We haven't forgotten that a lot of work needs to be done here.

Anyway, we've still been recording our podcast and this month we're talking about the latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther. This episode was an incredibly important one to discuss, especially given the climate our society is in.

We discuss some of the ramifications this film will have not just in the MCU but also the impact it will have on society.

Along with this we talk about Altered Carbon, The Good Place, and of course, the 90th Academy Awards.

Behold, and enjoy the latest episode. As always, we are on iTunes, Overcast, as well as Acast.




Syria Documentaries:

The Handmaid's Tale:

The Good Place:

Altered Carbon:

The Shape of Water:

Black Representation Movie Posters:

Black Panther:

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