Update! Where have we been? What's new?

If you've been keeping up with the Movieville Podcast, you'll have been experiencing the absolute bants Kushal and I have.

If you haven't caught up and you've been eagerly awaiting some decent content to arrive on the site, you can stop waiting.

Expect to see some new content on the site. The Movieville Sessions will return, seeing as the last one we put out was 8 months ago, it only makes sense to continue that.

Whilst we've been refining the quality and process of the podcast, we've also been refining the way we discuss films, which is something we'd like to do here on Movieville.

So what's the update? Well, considering we haven't posted the last 5 episodes of the podcast here, we figured this is probably the biggest update we've probably had in a year.

To keep you entertained until the next post, here's the latest episode of the podcast and the most recent Movieville Sessions.

Movieville Podcast Episode 49 - One Away from Fifty

Movieville Sessions #2

Karan Dholakia

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