What to Watch on Netflix #1: Iron Fist, Robin Williams' Final Film, Burning Sands and More

Do you find it difficult to find something to watch on Netflix? Is it a struggle? A hindrance? A first world problem? No longer will it be.

This new series of posts will look at which shows you should watch along with a short snippet of what it's about and a mini review.

You'll get suggestions from both Kushal and Karan, both of whom have a variety of tastes (at times very similar) when it comes to shows and movies.

This time we've got a bunch of recommendations for you in the form of Marvel's Iron Fist, the final member of the Defenders, a series also set to release on Netflix in mid-2017, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, Robin Williams' final film before his passing in 2014, and

1. Iron Fist

Six Word Synopsis
Dude has mystical martial arts skills.

If you're a fan of Marvel's Netflix miniseries Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, this is definitely something you want to get into. No spoilers here, but there are plenty of payoffs throughout the show, especially during the well-choreographed fights. Pay no mind to the reviews (this is something that'll get covered in another post). Cool sequences, quality performances and above-average CG, Iron Fist is yet another Marvel miniseries that'll get you hyped for the upcoming Defenders series.

2. The Angriest Man in Brooklyn

Six Word Synopsis
Angry man will die in 90 minutes.

A talent that is still dearly missed, Robin Williams was one of the finest comedians of this generation. This film was a beautiful, poignant sendoff for Williams. Full of touching moments, wonderful performances and messages apropos of Mr. Williams' passing, if you're looking for something just over 90 minutes, a watch that's funny, a little shocking and emotionally charged, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn is the one.

3. Burning Sands

Six Word Synopsis

Five dudes pledge for a fraternity.


Here's a different one for you. It's about fraternities (something that has been done to death in Hollywood). But it's different. What makes it different? It gives a unique perspective on black fraternities. Featuring a host of young talent that you may/may have not seen before (as well as a supporting role by Trevante Rhodes from Moonlight), this film is heavily inspired by Black History and is inspired by events director Gerard McMurray experienced himself.

4. Grimm

Six Word Synopsis

Basically it's about fairy tales IRL.


Honestly, this ones something that'll be discussed in episode 45 of the Movieville Podcast.

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