Movieville Podcast - What you Missed

With Episode 44 just over the horizon, we figured what better way to remind you of what you've missed so far. These updates will provide a bit of insight as to what you can expect to hear each month

Episode 44 will be centred around awards season and we'll be addressing some of the winners and losers of the big Academy. Especially considering the weird eff-up that occurred during the Academy Awards, we have plenty to talk about.

In episode 42 of the podcast, we provided our predictions and briefly discussed why we thought they deserved specific awards.

Episode 44 we'll be revisiting episode 42, what happened during the 2017 Academy Awards and of course, we'll be catching up with each other.

Expect an analysis of Logan, how it fits in today's world and where it leaves the X-Men franchise.

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Karan Dholakia

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