Room (2015): See the World from a Different Perspective

Room has been received extremely well by both critics and viewers alike - it's no wonder why, with both Brie Larson and 8-year-old Jacob Tremblay perfoming exceptionally together.

What was brilliant about this film was young Tremblay's performance. His ability to remind you how it was to be a child is incredible.

See, what was remarkable about this film was the message that perhaps we should approach things as if we were a child. Tremblay's inquisitive nature was a reminder to the audience as to where we are as people, I guess. To Jack (Tremblay's character in the film), everything was fascinating. He saw the beauty in the most ridiculous things, whether it was a sink, a lamp, or even a rat. Therein lies the true essence of this film - that there is beauty in everything around you.

This isn't a review. This is a post to remind you to take a breather and step back sometimes. Also watch this film. It has the wonderful Brie Larson.

If this were a review, I'd say watch it. But this isn't a review, so instead I'll say nothing.

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Karan Dholakia

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