A Look at the Captain America 2: Civil War (2016) Trailer

It's Superhero season, folks. For those who haven't seen it yet, here's the latest Captain America 2: Civil War trailer.

After many years of hoping and waiting, we're finally treated to a glimpse of Spidey. After two iterations and 5 films, we've been given something which have finally culminated in something.

Here was the issue with the previous films. Whilst each of them had their merits, it felt like they weren't going anywhere. The Raimi trilogy felt like a self-contained Spidey universe where nothing ever happened. They were never building up to anything. fast forward to 2012 and the Marc Webb films felt like we'd finally reached the pinnacle of Spider-Man films... and then it went quiet. The underperforming Amazing Spider-Man 2 left the newest iteration of the franchise in doubt. Even though The Sinister Six and a third Spider-Man was planned, nothing ever came to fruition.

That was until the MCU existed. Now Marvel have a huge moneymaking juggernaut that seems like it just won't/can't be stopped and earlier last year, Spider-Man was inducted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and the world erupted. It was a big deal, to have Spidey join the Avengers on-screen. Now that he's now officially a part of the universe, things are going to get bigger.

Take this trailer as a small example. Those couple of seconds we got to see Tom Holland as Spidey were two of the most fulfilling seconds as we've gotten to see over the last few years in the MCU - and it's about to get better.

The trailer was brilliant. It really feels like the essence of Civil War has been instilled into the film, and the break between the two teams are beautifully evident by Evans and Downey Jr.

This film is gonna finally gonna treat fans to something we've been waiting for - a decent Marvel film with the goddamn webslinger.


Karan Dholakia

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