The Movieville Podcast Episode 31: The Spoiler Awakens

It's been three years since the last episode, but we're finally back.

In episode 31 of the Movieville Podcast, myself and Kushal talk about the latest entry in the Star Wars franchise, Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Be aware, there will be spoilers in this podcast, so if you haven't seen it yet (if you haven't, you need to readjust your schedule), perhaps it's a good idea to avoid this episode and revisit it when you've seen it.

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Next time, we'll be talking about marketing for film and how much it has an impact on us watching them and whether it affects our perception of that specific film.

We'll regularly (monthly, hopefully!) be updating the podcast with new episodes about goings on in the film world and other topics related to film...and the world.

Note: Episode 31 was recorded a couple of weeks ago and episode 32 will be up shortly.

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Karan Dholakia

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