A Quick Note About Reviews

A quick note about reviews.

I dislike reading reviews I can't get anything out of. It's useless. Yes, I can read a review to get an opinion, but I'll be frank; reviews are dying. There are an increasingly large number of sites who offer the same thing. 'Reviews' which are nothing more than a convoluted, formulaic mess. They all follow the same structure - Fluffy, hilarious introductions outlining the film, follow it up with the main body talking about the film's low + high points then finish it off with why it sucked/didn't and a rating. Shit, I'm guilty of this myself.

I used to think writing using this sttructure was effective and practical, and it was, at least for a while. But sites like Metacritic, iMDB and Rotten Tomatoes came along and changed the game. Writing was no longer a part of reviews.

We don't want to write reviews here on Movieville. We want to write something which, ultimately you can take something away from. That will be the catalyst for a discussion. We want to write pieces so you can take something away from them.

This is a place you come to read sometimes in-depth pieces about film or, perhaps a musing about film.

Movieville is changing, Citizens. This is just the beginning.

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