Fantastic Four (2015) - What Happened to the Superheroes?

Seriously, what did these guys have in mind when they started?

Ben and Reed are at school, around 10 years old. Reed makes a matter teleportation machine that seems to work.

Later, on finishing school he finds he is accidentally transporting matter to another dimension.

2/10 so far...

A corporation hires him and he meets 2 more fantastic people. They build the big machine and it's getting exciting...

5/10 at this point... They travel away, their bodies are changed, and... And...

1 year later, The Thing is running missions for the U.S. Government and Reed has run away.

Hold on. Wtf happened? No exploration, reaction, self discovery, relationship development, troubles, travels, reflection upon their change/existence... Nope, nothing.

The Fantastic Four are fully formed, as is Doom, and ready for another film in the future.

Quite a disappointment. Wish I had waited till the Netflix release and watched it in 10 minute bursts whilst taking multiple shits at work.

20 years ago this would've gone "Straight To Video". We seem to have lowered our standards somewhat since then.


They get one extra point for making a badass Dr Doom.


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