Review: What We Did On Our Holiday (2014)

The genius of Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin (Outnumbered) comes to the big screen, and in great form.

With Scotland so salient in our minds this film's release is very appropriate. British culture needs this right now. Not only is WWDOOH (I refuse to type that title over and over) a great story in and of itself but it takes place in the Scottish highlands, creating a situational romantic effect that is well timed, as we reflect on the political events of the last few weeks.

Conolly plays Gordy Mcleod, a sick grandad being visited by this son and daughter from London. The film starts out in a predictable manner for situation comedies of this sort but soon takes an interesting turn.

As with Outnumbered, Hamilton and Jenkin write from the childrens' perspectives. In this context the adults are, except for Gordy, two-dimensional stereotypes: The bossy wife, the bumbling dad, the tight-ass uncle, the depressed aunt... The children are the heroes. They talk freely (hilariously), discuss everything everyone is thinking and not saying, confound the adults, examine reality from a beautifully innocent perspective, and live strange private adventures that leak into the real world. All behaviours that parents, uncles, and aunts will recognise in their little ones.

Hamilton and Jenkin's ability to bring these little heroes to life is what gives WWDOOH a pounding heart. Tennant and Miller play Gordy's sons with ease and manage to get more and more consternated from scene to scene without lapsing into panto.

Families will love this film, although the writers have a few serious moments, the plot is balanced and well paced.

Hamilton and Jenkin also directed the movie, their first in this domain, from what I can see on IMDB. If this is just there early work, I can't wait to see what comes next.




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