Review: Lucy (2014)

By Karan Dholakia

Lucy is a concept that is full of potential and has the capacity to stretch the boundaries of what sci-fi is.

Has the capacity. These are the operative words. The problem with Lucy, was that although it contained several thought-provoking scenes and provided some insightful imagery that fit well with the nuances of the film, it's obvious expositional tactics ruined what could have been a unique film.

There are no issues with the performances this film provides. None. It's what the performers are made to do that holds the film back.

It's a film made for people who need to be handed the information to keep track of the film. It's a 'no-brainer' film. To an extent, it disrespects us, the audience by insulting our intelligence. Thus is the nature of a 'no-brainer'.

Morgan Freeman once again takes the role as a narrator providing exposition in between action scenes, transitioning into the role of Lucius Fox a clever science man who knows everything about everything - until SuperLucy steps into the scene.

Ridicuous similarities to Limitless aside, Lucy delivers exactly what it set out to deliver; an action sci-fi flick which doesn't require too much processing power but does have some standout scenes with the very talented Choi Min-Sik.


Karan Dholakia

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