Review: Before I Go To Sleep (2014)

Nicole Kidman plays amnesiac Christine who wakes up every day having forgotten everything from the previous day. She pieces her life back together using a video diary she records on a camera.

BIGTS is a slow moving British drama. Often too slow. The story is fairly predictable and 2-dimensional in structure and we know early on that the antagonist in the story can only be one of 2 people. Applying a little discernment makes him/her easy to figure out. Momentum has already been crowned the king of amnesiac films. BIGTS explores a very similar milieu but from a woman's perspective - with the subtext being a showcase of what men might be capable of in such a scenario.

Despite this transparency, there is pleasure in watching screen-masters Kidman and Firth dance around and bring the story to life. Echoing some of her previous work (Dogville), Kidman embodies a woman in a world still overshadowed by the force of men. In an effort not to reveal plot points I can only describe the drama as a thick, fresh luscious pot of honey. It moves slowly but it's worth experiencing every drop.

Before I Go To Sleep should hit your screen around 5/9/2014


- Kushal



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