Review: Amazing Spider-Man 2 - An Exploration Into The Character And Universe of Spider-Man

By Karan Dholakia

Easily one of the most anticipated films of 2014, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 continues the rebooted trilogy with this pretty amazing entry into the franchise. No pun intended, really.

Let's do a quick recap. If you consider these spoilers, I apologise, because you really should have seen this by now. So Peter Parker's been bitten by a radioactive Spider, he's discovered he has abilities such as super-strength, enhanced senses, and sticky appendages which allow him to crawl on walls.

Uncle Ben was shot, pretty much because of Peter, Peter took the responsibility of his Uncle's death on himself, tried to find his uncle's killer and in doing so became Spider-Man.

Elsewhere, Dr. Curt Connors, Richard Parker's (Peter's Father) old colleague is developing a serum which enables him to grow another limb. He's missing half of his right arm, by the way. Dr Connors develops said serum, grows a limb, but with disastrous consequences. He becomes The Lizard, wreaks havoc on New York City.

Spidey saves the day, but it comes with a cost; Captain Stacy's (Gwen's Father) life.

Which brings us to The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Revenge of The Spidey.

the-amazing-spider-man-2-dane-dehaan-1This time around, the film focuses more on the lore and history of the character of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and the universe in which he is. Without trying to ruin anything (although, at this point, if you're remotely aware of the history of Spider-Man, you know what happens to certain people in this story), as in its predecessor, Peter was motivated to become Spider-Man due to the death of his Uncle Ben. Events occur in the film that cause Peter to make decisions that will change his life.

The film picks up with Spider-Man swinging around New York City chasing after petty thugs who are conducting a heist to get their hands on plutonium or some other generic biohazardous substance which will inevitably enable them to cause widespread panic on NYC.

The first scene we see of Spidey is among one of the most incredible visually spectacular scenes you'll see this year, which is accompanied by a breathtaking score (composed by Hans Zimmer and "The Magnificent Six") that arguably tops James Horner's wonderfully composed piece for the previous outing.

Andrew Garfield does a fantastic job of representing the Webhead, using his performance from the previous film as a foundation and building upwards. It's no question that Garfield is a far more credible Spidey than any other incarnation; he understands the character, what he represents: a beacon of hope for kids, the kids who thought being skinny and small was the end of everything. Nah, Spidey got rid of that, and Garfield backs this up with his naturalistic performance.

It's no surprise that the biggest standout scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the infamous scene that many were expecting (including usScreen-Shot-2013-12-05-at-20.52.32.png, check out the first mention HERE), but, easily the most riveting was most definitely the final scene, where we saw Spider-Man's 'rebirth', if you will. A beautiful segue into the final instalment, at least with Marc Webb's involvement.

Although the film could have been shorter by about 20 minutes or so, it was during this period of time that we were able to see characters established, setting them up for the next film.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 delivers a story that, yes, is very focused on the relationships of the characters, make no mistake, however - there are a hell of a lot of action scenes; and enough easter eggs to make you want to invest in the entire back catalogue of TASM.




Karan Dholakia

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