'This American Journey' (2013) - Insightful, Eye Opening Journey Across Modern Day America.

Recently, we had the pleasure of asking Paul Blackthorne a few questions (you can check it out here) about his insightful documentary, This American Journey, which he Wrote, Directed and starred in alongside Photographer Mister Basquali.  

What was meant to be a journey to discover what happened to The American Dream turned out to be something much more; an exploration of the people and the country. It was this that made the film so much more meaningful than it set out to be.

What we get to see is not the stereotypical USA that's portrayed in Films and TV, but something that goes beyond the superficiality we've been accustomed to. Sure, there's some of the classic Americana we know (and love?), and it's the way it's presented to us that makes us want to continue the journey with the two.

Though their visit to certain states doesn't quite paint the most appealing picture, it still provided an insightful perspective to the way some people in the country think. The most insightful and unexpected moment was the gentleman at the rodeo. His views and opinions were truly remarkable, just something that the stereotypes we're used to wouldn't show us.

The film is full of deep and meaningful moments, one that particularly stood out was this, where the two recall the first time they fell in love with the country. It takes place in the opening moments of the film which, in turn starts This American Journey.




Karan Dholakia

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