Cool Things We Noticed In The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' (2014) Trailer

By Karan Dholakia

Here it is, ladies and gentlegeeks, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer. Let's take a look.


Pretty awesome, let's take a look at some of the things in this trailer. Some of the stuff mentioned in this article will be speculation, but it'll be fun to speculate nonetheless.

So you've been warned in advance, THERE MAY BE POTENTIAL SPOILERS IN THIS ARTICLE.

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- Peter Parker at a cemetery

This could mean a number of things, the easiest and most simplistic guess would be that Peter is visiting Uncle Ben's grave, but given the direction Marc Webb has chosen to go in, things could change completely. Could it be someone closer? At this point of course it's just speculation.

Peter Parker at a cemetery


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- Daily Bugle on Tumblr

This is a brilliant marketing tactic they managed to put into the film. To memory, it's the first instance of using the reference of social media both in and out of a (comic book) film to promote the franchise. If you've managed to take a read of the posts you'll notice a lot of the pieces fill in gaps between the first and upcoming movies. There's an explanation for the absence of Dr. Rajit Ratha among other things. It's pretty cool.

Daily Bugle on Tumblr


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- Super strength Spidey

We didn't get to see a whole lot of Spidey's strength capabilities in the first film, but this is great. Really shows us the progression of his abilities, and a little look at what we can expect to see in the film.

Spider-man lifting a car


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- Richard Parker?

This is cool. So we know that Richard Parker obviously has a relatively significant part in the past of Oscorp, and looks like we'll get to see a little more of the story unfold, as well as the events leading up to his demise, as seen in this shot. It certainly looks like him, his sweater, shirt, hair and glasses seem to match what we've been shown thus far.



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- Sinister Six

This one is pretty exciting for fans of the Comics and new fans of the franchise.

The Sinister Six, for those who aren't familiar, are a group of supervillains who are Spidey's most famous adversaries. It's unknown at this time which incarnation of the Sinister Six will be used, but based on the trailer we know that The Vulture, Electro, Doctor Octopus, Harry Osborn's Goblin and Rhino are gonna be involved. Mysterio has been heavily speculated by fans as the mysterious figure who appears in the credit sequence in the first film. It's possible that he could be part of the Sinister Six as he is part of the group in the comics.

Sinister Six?

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- The Vulture and Dr Octupus references 

This one's really awesome, but much of the same stuff from above. While the above shows us 6 (7 from the wide shot) doors opening with what we can assume to be related to the Sinister Six somehow. In this show, however, Vulture's wings and Dr Octopus' arms are side by side. Walking by these containment tanks is the figure who appeared in the cell with Curt Connors.

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This is probably the most awesome part of the trailer, Rhino, played by Paul Giamatti.

The suit resembles the Ultimate Universe's incarnation, but as Marc Webb said, he wanted something that would work in a realistic setting, and this version definitely works pretty well. Refer to the Tech Beat: Exploring The Mobility post on The Daily Bugle Tumblr.


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There are a few other cool moments in the trailer, but it's best to not ruin the WHOLE thing. At this point all we can do is hope and speculate. Could it be another Spider-man 3 situation? Will this film be too crowded? Hopefully this'll be handled better than the previous franchise. It certainly is in good hands.

Check out this cool trailer with commentary by the cast of the film as well as Marc Webb.

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