Review: 'Oz The Great and Powerful' (2013) - Unnecessary, Annoyingly Attractive Magic?

James Franco. Mila Kunis. Excessive CGI. That's the gist of the film.

So maybe it doesn't sound as appetising after that opener. But consider this. There was really only one way to recreate the magical land of OZ. And that is through superfluous amounts of CG. Admittedly it's horrible at the best of times, but one can't deny it does wonders on the eyes.

So the premise of OZ is relatively straightforward. James Franco is a small-time magician who dreams of bigger things, and is whisked away to the magical land of OZ.

He sees that amidst all of the magic and beauty there's a dose of evil, darkness and shit. We're talking real, SINISTER shit.

When you have a cast like OZ has, the performances aren't a huge concern because you know there's a sense of reliability on the shoulders of these names.

Surprisingly, it was the visuals that really required some scrutiny.

See the issue with the CG here wasn't that it was excessive and overly vivid, but more that it was used to unnecessarily at the most puzzling times. It was an annoyingly attractive piece that could've done without showing us an over-rendered backdrop or an exaggerated set piece which would possibly resemble the inside of a damn Unicorn.

Shit, what happened to the days of using a toy you could blow up and shit? F**k this, OZ gets a 5/10. 

I'm off to make some magic.

Karan Dholakia

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