'A Good Day To Die Hard' (2013) Review: Yippee- whaaaa?

"The shit we do for our kids. Yippee-Ki-Yay Motherfu-!"

Die Hard. We all know the drill. John McClane is the epitome of an "Action Hero'. He has inspired an entire generation of Action flicks.

A Good Day To Die Hard Review

Die Hard 1-3 were good, solid Action films. 4.0 was a toned-down, filtered version of it's predecessors, though it still contained a semblance of Die Hard, and was an enjoyable, PG Action film.

Die Hard 5, or, 'A Good Day To Die Hard', was a good example of why a franchise should stop after it's third.

A Good Day To Die Hard sees the return of Bruce Willis reprising his role as John McClane, and the introduction of his estranged son, Jack McClane, played by Jai Courtney.

John goes in search of his son after hearing about some mischief he gotten himself into. Chaos, a little action and moderate use of one liners ensues.

There was very little happening in Die Hard 5, too little to even give it the Die Hard label. Sure, there were a very small handful of scenes that were worthy of a good laugh, most notably the scene when our hero was flipping the bird while falling out of a burning building. That was good.

Jai Courtney had very little charisma, and it was frustrating watching this guy do whatever he was doing, it was an annoyance. A large one, at that.

To his credit, he showed a glimmer of hope when he shared scenes with Willis, but ultimately didn't do much for his appearances. Willis, however either switched it up a notch, or just didn't give a shit. Almost as though he was "getting to old for this shit". We just didn't see enough of John McClane. It was almost a proverbial 'passing of the torch' to this Jai Courtney. Sigh.

While A Good Day To Die Hard offered casual entertainment, it probably doesn't deserve a spot in your DVD collection unless you feel it's absolutely imperative to complete your Die Hard collection.

Dialogue: 5.5/10

Visuals: 6/10

Plot: 4.5/10

Performances: 5/10

Overall: 5/10


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