'Warm Bodies' (2013) Review: Wonderful Take On A RomCom, Though Suffers From Occasional Plot Holes

"Play it cool, say something intelligent... How... are... you...? ...Nailed it"

Warm Bodies Film Teresa Palmer

If you've ever seen a flick with a bunch of people dressed up in clothes stained with blood and really bad skin hobbling around feeding on the people with good skin with equally bad clothing, you're looking at the Zombie. There are several incarnations of the 'traditional' zombie; there's the Romero zombie, the slow, less reactive type, then there's the Boyle '28 Days Later' type, the ones who could have easily been marathon runners in their pre-exhumed state.

The dead walkers in Warm Bodies have behavioural traits somewhere between the two mentioned above. Though it wasn't exactly detrimental to the film, it got confusing when we were presented with half slow/half speedy walkers. What was the deal?! Stick with one or the other!

Though admittedly, from a logical standpoint it made sense. They're slow when they're malnourished, at their weakest. They speed up when they see meat. So... it's kinda normal.

Warm Bodies is about a recently turned Zombie, 'R', who's looking for love and seemingly longs for the life of the living.

Nicholas Hoult does a tremendous job of, well, playing dead. The tumultuous character 'R' had Hoult's name all over him; excited, at times shy, with a dash of confusion all made for a very enjoyable watch.

Though Warm Bodies may suffer from occasional moderate plot-holes, there wasn't a lot that could ruin an otherwise polished flick. A wonderful take on the 'Romcom', Warm Bodies delivers a heartwarming tale of the dead looking for love.

Dialogue: 7/10

Plot: 6.5/10

Performances: 7.5/10

Visuals: 6.5/10

Overall: 7/10


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