'Wreck-It Ralph' (2013) Review: Heartwarming, Hilarious, Visual Feast For The Eyes

By Teri

Wreck It Ralph Film Review

Wreck it Ralph is the Toy Story for today’s generation. The characters are beyond lovable, the storyline is heartwarming yet hilarious, and the movie is an absolute visual feast for the eyes. I couldn’t have been more thrilled, unless I was a ten year old girl again.

I am genuinely jealous of the kids that get to go see this movie and have it as one of their childhood classics, because that is what this film will become.
By now everyone gets the gist of what this film is about; a video game ‘bad guy’ who doesn’t want to be a bad guy anymore. Set in an arcade with all of the classics, Ralph sets out to become a good guy which is achieved only when you win yourself a gold medal and thus the story unfolds.

With the help of an adorable young ‘glitch’ Venelope, Ralph realises that being true to yourself is the most important thing of all. How charming.

The concepts in this movie are genius, including my favourite, ‘Game Central Station’, which is absolutely brilliant!

This nostalgia inducing movie will have your boyfriend sobbing before you know it, and that is just excellent. Go and see it ASAP.

10/10. There, I did it.


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