'Here Comes The Boom' (2012) Reviewed: Was It Just Another Kevin James Cliché Or Does It Offer Something Different?

Kevin James isn't usually known for his stellar role choices or even performances, but in Here Comes The Boom, he has proved that he's capable to provide the much needed depth to his characters, and that he's not just a clichéd performer.


HCTB centres around a school teacher, Scott Voss, who doesn't have much direction in his life, until the school decides to cut the music program, which is run by old Marty Streb(Henry Winkler), a friend who Voss made a mere hours prior to the program being pulled.

Naturally, Kevin James' character felt the need to defend the weak, and it's here where the fun begins. Voss now needs to raise near $50,000 in order for the school to fund the music program, and he attempts to do so through a variety of ways. Voss comes across an MMA instructor in his citenship class, and it's through this instructor he decides to partake in a series of Mixed Martial Arts matches to raise the funds.

For those who have seen the trailer(you can watch it HERE), you know it that this wasn't a film to be taken too seriously. You know it's meant for fun, for some entertainment, as most of Kevin James' exploits are.

Though he may not churn out the most satisfying flicks, Here Comes The Boom is somewhat different, all the while retaining it's classic Happy Madison-esque qualities.

The conclusion to HCTB is thoroughly satisfying, as it delivers a punch and will no doubt keep viewers invested in Voss' journey right until the end, because it is actually the first time James has created a character that all viewers will want to root for, not just laugh and point at. It's also worth noting James underwent a long, no doubt difficult training regime, and this alone makes it worthwhile.

Plot: 7/10

Performances: 7/10

Visuals: 5/10

Dialogue: 5.5/10

Overall: 6/10


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