'DREDD 3D' (2012) review: How does it compare to it's Stallone counterpart?

Ahh! Finally, a (recent)Comic-Book Movie that's not afraid to be an adult flick AND be able to do it well.

Thinking about how amazingly badass DREDD was going to be was just one of the thousand thoughts rushing through my mind prior to watching. "Will it be better than the Stallone version?" (LOL of course it will) "Will Karl Urban do the character justice?" The answers to these questions I had found during the film; and I wasn't disappointed.

We're introduced to our raspy-voiced anti-hero through a short car/bike chase in the opening minutes of the film, and we're treated to the mad skillz of tha Dredd, yo. It's also at this point we see 'SLO-MO', the drug that slows down time for the user. This is the drug that will play a rather prominent part in the film, and is what causes the beef between the Judges and Ma-Ma(Lena Headley)'s gang of deviants.

The film has a fairly simple premise. It doesn't focus on overly complicated dialogue or side-plots, but more on the beautifully crafted SLO-MO perspective shots, and, of course, the gratuitous gore.

It's refreshing to see a Comic-Book flick that isn't bound by it's younger audience, to see a Comic-Book film that isn't afraid to include a shitload of blood and violence. It's kind of what I'd hope Deadpool to be like.

Let's face it - DREDD is the kind of Comic-to-Film movie that we all hope them to be. I'm not talking violence and profanity, I'm talking about it's goddamn BALLS, about not giving a shit, just absolutely going for it and not trying to sugar coat and pussify everything... But I guess that's just Judge effing Dredd.

Dialogue - 6.5/10

Visuals - 9.5/10

Plot - 8.5/10

Performances - 8/10

Overall - 8.5/10


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