'RoboCop' remake delayed til 2014, Neill Blomkamp's 'Elysium' pushed backward to August 2013

Source: Entertainment Weekly

So this is... news.

But in many ways it's a good thing? Maybe it gives Director of RoboCop Jose Padilha a chance to sort things out on set. Since Hugh Laurie left, things have gone to shit on the set of RoboCop.

So according to EW.com, Elysium has been pushed backward to August from March of 2013, the weekend RoboCop was supposed to be released, which, now has been pushed all the way to February of 2014.

This could do wonders for the film, because now they can get their shit together and hopefully pull off a decent remake. Though I'm not sure that anything could change the ridiculousness of the new suit.


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