What to watch on Netflix (UK) #1: Films to watch

This is something that's annoyed me when browsing through Netflix's seemingly endless choice of Films and TV shows is the lack of Recommendations. Sure, there's a Top 10 scrolling thingy, and a Taste Profile feature, so it recommends a selection of films based on the long-process of choosing certain qualities on what type of films you watch.

There are some who don't have a problem with this feature, but there's only so much one can see 10 recommendations, some people want more. MORE. So, this here's gonna be a regular article in which I highlight a few titles within the Netflix library that you can go ahead and watch. Assuming you have Netflix. If not, I highly recommend you do.

This edition, I'll highlight a few Films that are worth a watch.

Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey

Netflix Synopsis: Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this documentary follows the career of puppeteer Kevin Clash, the soft-spoken man behind the furry red monster, Elmo. This film is such a beautiful flick, and follows the 'follow your dream' theme throughout. It's actually quite an inspirational, heartfelt Film that'll warm your insides like only Whoopi Goldberg can.



Netflix Synopsis: Hanging out with eccentric pal Pussy Katz and a host of oddball customers, slacker Neal Downs runs a funky bistro in New Orleans that serves nothing but cereal. But his easy life gets difficult when a competitor tries to rip off his restaurant idea.

My review of this should do it enough justice. Check it out if you like hidden gems.


Chasing Amy

Netflix Synopsis: Comic book artist Holden meets the perfect woman, only to learn that she's a lesbian. Their friendship develops into something more when Holden confesses his love for her, but secrets from her past threaten their relationship.

I, will always love Kevin Smith films for their ballsy dialogue and quirky, yet ever-so-realistic characters (almost) that remind me of the good times I've had with my friends. That, and his films are effing hilarious, though not for everyone. This, I would recommend. It takes conventional means of telling a romance story and mixes it up a little.


That'll be it for the time being, if there are any films you think should be included in this series, stick them in the comments below or Tweet them to @Movievilleorg.


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