Untouchable 2012 UK Release

Later on this September you will have the opportunity to see a film you will joyfully remember for the rest of your life. Really, I should end the review there - but I don't think that would be acceptable to the movieville.org-powers-that-be!

Philippe (François Cluzet) is man with everything money can buy - except a cure for his broken spine that has left him a quadriplegic. Driss (Omar Sy) is a an ex-con surviving from benefit cheque to benefit cheque. Driss finds himself challenged into the position of being Philippe's keeper. Intrigued by the offer (and pushed, due to his circumstances), Driss accepts the challenge for 2 weeks and in doing so starts on journey that changes both men.

If it were not for this being an interpretation of a true story (see Philippe Pozo di Borgo, French Aristocracy) Untouchable would probably have been critiqued as being offensive, condescending, stereotypical and inappropriate. Not to take that away from it - It is indeed all of the above while still remaining subtle and intelligent and perfectly written! This will surely be the funniest film this year, and probably next year as well. Far removed from the in-your-face comedies of Hollywood, this masterpiece of storytelling presents characters rich with personality and spreads them thick across the backdrop of contemporary Paris. Humour emerges from circumstance, as in reality, in the small moments that friends share, full of meaning and history.

A personal favourite (the only pianist on my iPhone) Ludovico Einaudi composes a score, as enchanting as always, that holds the viewer in place from scene to scene. (If you're not familiar with Einaudi, boot up your Spotify immediately!…)

Directors Nakache and Toledano had the cinema hall roaring will laughter over and over and I don't think there was a dry eye when we finished. Not that there's a sad ending, just touching.

This is more than a good story well told. It's a beautiful story who's heart has been ripped out and presented for us to devour. Underdog tales, cultural clashes, deep compassion and estranged love; Untouchable has it all. When it's released I will be going to watch it all over again.




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