EXCELLENT: 'Bill and Ted 3' get a Director!

Source: Vulture

This is excellent news. Totally excellent, actually.

Not too long ago we were told that a new Bill and Ted 3 film was in the works. Now we've learned that a Director has been attached to the project!

The following comes from Vulture

Original Bill & Ted creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson have also attached Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) to direct their script. Unlike so many recent studio remakes, which have simply recycled old material for a new generation, Solomon and Matheson took the unusual step of writing their third Bill & Ted script on spec in an attempt to ensure a take that would address where Mssrs. Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esq. are in their lives today as opposed to being a reboot or remake. Insiders tell Vulture the hope is to make a mid-priced studio comedy like Hot Tub Time-Machine.

Brilliant idea to pursue. It'd be great to see where they are now in their lives, if they have jobs, or are still lazy stoners(which would be fun to see, anyway).

Sadly, this won't be receiving much attention until the release of RED 2, which is being directed by Parisot, so we're looking at a 2015 release at the earliest.

Excited for this? Should they continue the franchise? or should the opt for a reboot? Leave your comments below.


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