'The Dark Knight Rises' (2012) review: Does it meet expectation? Or is it all hype?

Months of anticipation and some trailers later, the date The Dark Knight Rises finally comes.

The Dark Knight Rises was a solid film, and as usual, Christopher didn't disappoint. With the exception of a few minor annoyances here and there, TDKR wasn't the weakest in the franchise, but isn't the best either.

The dynamic between Batman and Catwoman was brilliant. At first glance, Anne Hathaway doesn't seem like the best fit for Selina Kyle, then we get to see how capable she is. There's a real likeable-ness to her character, specifically during the scenes when Kyle displays a certain vulnerability(the scene with the "...you don't owe these people any more, you've given them everything!" priceless dialogue there, folks), even during Hathaway's scenes as Catwoman, she pulls it off brilliantly.

It was a different take on the character; Tim Burton went for the absolutely-crazy-badass-slash-sexy Catwoman, whereas Nolan opted for a Catwoman somewhere between Burton's, The Animated Series, and The New 52 versions.

The subtle references to Batman villains was a nice touch, especially the reprisal of a familiar face in a rather prominent(ish) role.

Now, Bane. Though Tom Hardy portrayed him with absolute ease and brilliance, Nolan's version of the big guy was somewhat... frustrating. Throughout the whole film, Bane is an unstoppable juggernaut who, supposedly can't be defeated. That all changes when Bats finds a small, yet effective weakness. Then, in saying this, Nolan has strived to try and keep the trilogy as 'realistic' as possible, so to show Bane's weakness is to show that he's only human, right? Hang on... what about Ra's? He's immortal, how can immortality be 'realistic'? Ah, of course, he exists in the MIND of Bruce Wayne. Makes sense.

These were minor annoyances on an otherwise flawless film, and Christopher Nolan didn't disappoint in what was probably one of the biggest films this Summer, but just doesn't live up to the standard of it's predecessors.

So, does it meet expectation? 55% Yes, 44.9% No, and 0.1% should've waited for the Blu-ray.

Plot: 5.5/10

Dialogue: 7.5/10

Visuals: 9/10

Performances: 9.5/10

Overall: 8/10

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