SDCC 2012: Marvel's One Shot - 'Item 47' EXCLUSIVE clip

Source: Marvel UK

Synopsis: With New York City in ruins following the epic climax to Marvel Avengers Assemble, certain alien technology was left behind.

Some of you may remember the previous Marvel One Shot 'The Consultant' in the THOR Blu-Ray, and it takes place prior to the events of Tony Stark meeting General Ross at the end of The Incredible Hulk.

Item 47 takes place after the events in The Avengers, and follows two New Yorkers(played by Lizzy Caplan and Jesse Bradford) who find a Chitauri weapon and decide to go rob a bank.

Item 47 is the most ambitious one shot so far, and could, in the future, be a perfect way to introduce fans and non-fans alike to characters who haven't been translated to the big screen yet.

You'll be able to see the One Shot on The Avengers Blu-Ray this September.

Check out this exclusive clip/poster from the 12-minute short below.

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