SDCC 2012: 'Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2' (2012) 7 minutes of footage shown <SPOILERS>

Source: GeeksofDoom

The first 7 minutes of Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 was shown to the lucky folks at SDCC following a Q&A session, (which you can read about HERE) and big thanks to the team at GeeksofDoom for the transcript of the footage, here's the write up of what the footage showed, which picks up straight after Breaking Dawn Pt 1.

Bella opens her eyes for the first time as a vampire and her eyes are red. Her senses are now enhanced, everything she sees is now heightened. She sees Edward, who’s holding his hand out to her. She places her hand, with her large engagement ring on it, into Edwards hands. He looks at Bella, who’s wearing a royal blue mini-dress. “You’re so beautiful,” Edward he says to her and we see her red eyes in contrast to Edward’s golden eyes. “We’re the same temperature now,” he says, as he touches her arm. Her turns her around and she sees herself in the mirror and she smiles at her new look. She turns back to him and hugs him very tightly using her newly acquired super strength , but it’s a bit too tight though. “It’s your turn not to break me,” he says tells her. They tell each other “I love you” and then kiss passionately – their first kiss as a vampire couple. “Renesmee?” Bella enquires after their daughter, who was born at the end of Breaking Dawn: Part 1. “She’s incredible,” Edward responds. Bella wants to see her daughter, but he Edward explains that they need to get Bella’s thirst for blood under control first. So, they go off to hunt. We see Bella running super-fast through the woods and noticing every tiny detail as she goes. Edward and Bella fun fast together, enjoying the time together. When they stop, he tells her to close her eyes. “What do you hear?” he asks. She hears sounds of the forest, then a deer; she goes to leap on it, but doesn’t because she senses something else – human blood. In the distance, we see a man scaling a cliff and then cut his arm. This is what Bella senses so far in the distance. “Bella don’t!” Edward shouts, but Bella takes off anyhow after a climber. When she gets near him, she stops herself. Edward catches up and says he didn’t think there’s be any people there that far off. He says he can help her with the temptation of human blood, but she jumps off the cliff and he realizes maybe she doesn’t need his help and he smirks. We see Bella go back to the deer she was originally hunter, but as she’s about to pounce, a mountain lion approaches the deer. Bella then attacks the lion and gets her blood that way. Edward and Bella are together again, going up to the Cullen house, and he tells her that she did well. Jacob comes out of the house, and Bella is surprised to see that he’s still there. “I didn’t expect you to seem so…you… except for the creepy eyes,” Jacob says to Bella, jokingly. Bella wants to go see Renesmee, but Jacob says she would sniff him first to see if she can handle her thirst. “Since when you care about Reneseme?,” she asks him., confused at his newfound concern. Edward and Jacob shoot each other a knowing look regarding Jacob’s imprinting on Renesmee and Edward gives him a look not to say anything yet. “Take a whiff,” Jacob says to Bella. She does and jokes, “I see what everyone’s been talking about… you really do stink.” Bella and Edward hug and Jacob says they are great together and Bella is happy to hear that, but seems surprised that Jacob would admit it.

There was also some new footage which GoD also transcribed, you can check it out on their site right HERE.


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