The Avengers reaches $1 BILLION in 19 DAYS!


This is great news. Not really for anybody else but people who were involved with The Avengers, but still interesting nonetheless. I'll throw some numbers your way. The film to earn the highest all time WORLDWIDE Box Office spot is currently Avatar with approximately $2,782,275,172 (Courtesy of BoxOfficeMojo). Domestically, it's also Avatar with $760,507,625. The Avengers has surpassed The Dark Knight, making it the 11th highest earning film (so far) worldwide. Here's some more cool info about this:

It's also the fastest film to reach the $200 million mark domestically in three days, the fastest to reach $300 million in nine days, it has the highest Saturday ($69.5 million) and Sunday ($57 million) totals of all time, and the second-biggest single-day gross of all time ($80.8 million).

These stats speak for themselves, as do the insane amount of positive reception The Avengers has received. Whether it reaches the top spot and rips Avatar to shreds is yet to be seen, but if it did, it would be HUGE for Marvel, and would open a door for all kinds of Avengers sequels/spinoffs.


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