Think Jam are working with The BFI’s consumer website on its aim to become the go-to audience guide for film availability in the UK, across all platforms and providers.

With a fresh new look to the site, FindAnyFilm is the only site in the UK that allows users to search and compare availability across all formats; be it cinema, DVD, Blu-ray, Downloads, Streaming and TV!

For DVD, Blu-ray, Streaming and Downloads there is also a price comparison grid so users can choose the retailer or service that suits them best. The site has a database of over 40,000 films through their dedicated search function, and users can click straight through to book tickets, purchase the DVD or Blu-ray, or watch online or through their TV.

About FindAnyFilm was launched in 2009 by the UK Film Council, and is now owned by the BFI. Since its launch, FindAnyFilm has had over 10 million visits from UK audiences. The core proposition of the site is to ‘‘enable audiences to find out how to watch any film available in the UK, on any format - legitimately.’’ It has been widely commended both in the UK and internationally as a unique, innovative and successful audience and anti-piracy tool. FindAnyFilm’s vision is to ensure UK users can search and compare film availability across all formats and access these through one click to book tickets, purchase home entertainment titles, or watch films online or through their TV.


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