Kazed reviews: 'Marvel's Avengers Assemble/The Avengers' (2012) *SPOILER FREE*

The culmination of all the events following 2008's Iron Man boiled down to this film.

I've stated many times that I was worried about watching The Avengers because of the excess of top industry stars.

A little into the film, and it was clear that myself and the rest of the audience were in for a hell of an experience.

Let me begin the review by saying that it was ever so difficult to find flaws with this film, and was left damn satisfied by the end of it. Joss Whedon did such a spectacular job directing, and each of the cast members performed flawlessly, as expected. No problems there.

So, WERE there any problems with The Avengers? Man, I really don't think there was. Everything was timed perfectly, and we weren't just handed The Avengers on a plate. We were treated to each of them a course at a time. Sometimes two Avengers, sometimes three. Sometimes one. But when that moment came... oh man. Holy shitballs. Man oh man was it awesome. Total nerdgasm. It was everything I'd hoped for times like a kajillion. Plus infinity. To the power of twenty billion Thors. And it wasn't ridiculously over-produced either, it was just so goddamn perfect; there wasn't a huge amount of noticeable CGI (not including the obvious Hulk and the Aliens(No spoilers)), nor was the action OTT. There aren't many words in this world that could describe how well done the film was.

There were a couple of things which did bother me, like the switching of Norton to Ruffalo(unavoidable, but still), and the somewhat average score. There were a few scenes with some decent compositions, but nothing in the rest of the film that gave me the chills like other scenes did.

The Avengers isn't a perfect film. But it gave each of the performers just the right amount of screen time, just enough so it didn't overcrowd the film to the point of absolute unwatchability(YEAH I MADE IT UP). The Avengers could be- nope, IS the best Marvel Studios film released in a long time, but time will tell if The Amazing Spider-Man will/can top this.

Plot: 7/10

Performances: 7.5/10

Dialogue: 8/10

Visuals: 9/10

Overall: 8/10


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