Comics to film Part I: Looking at awesome-ass adaptations using the pages as source material

Comic books as a medium are truly one of a kind. It is(in my opinion), one of the only mediums to REALLY survive through this digital era. It is Art. In order to really appreciate this kind of art, one must hold it in the palm of ones hands, physically turn the pages to feel and appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it. In it's digital form, it's just that. Almost worthless. Sure, they originally begin this way, but nothing can compare to it's physical counterpart.

I digress. The point of this article is to, I guess, introduce people to the world of Comics, and for people who already know, to discuss. If the article deviates from this (and I'm sure it will) it's all leading up to one point.

Comics in film isn't a new thing. In fact, they've been adapted from as early as 1941. The newer stuff, like The Avengers, or X-Men, for example, have drastically improved in quality.

Usually, films that are made, derive from stories published in a particular series, or may often be an amalgam of a bunch of stories condensed into one central plot, or a selection of ideas/styles from various comics all contained within it's respective film.

There are a few films that haven't exactly done the Comic justice, and is usually what puts the Comic-book community off. Like X-Men Origins: Wolverine, for example. Don't blame the Actors for that one. What an atrocity that was.

The DCAU(DC Animated Universe) is an amazing creation. It shows us some of the most badass(and at times underrated) heroes in action in glorious animation. For reals, some of the shit they put out is just beautiful. Gotham Knight, Under The Red Hood, Justice League:Doom, are just a small number of amazing animated features DC have put out. Many may remember the TV series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, which were both beautifully animated and wonderfully scripted by a long list of great Writers.

That about wraps up Part One, next up: More comic shit.


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