Second Screening: 'Smash' TV show

Synopsis: "Smash" is a musical drama that celebrates the beauty and heartbreak of the Broadway theater as it follows a cross-section of dreamers and schemers who all have one common desire -- to be a "Smash."

Let's get one thing straight. Glee, during the first few episodes, was great. Then the cast began to sing spontaneously in absolutely random (albeit in the right context) situations. This, is when the show began to grow stale and very comparative to High School Musical.

SMASH, in many ways is similar to Glee, only it excels far beyond, in both it's writing and story. Starring American Idol Alum Katharine McPhee and Will and Grace's Debra Messing. There are other names in the show, like the wonderful Angelica Huston and Jack Davenport, but let's concentrate on the first two, because each episode pretty much begins/ends with one of these two.

SMASH revolves around a team who come across an idea to make a Broadway show about Marilyn Monroe. The idea is picked up and a famous Broadway director (Jack Davenport)is chosen to take the reins of the show.

Katharine McPhee (Playing Karen Cartwright) and Megan Hilty (Ivy Lynn) are both competing for the starring role as Monroe, and the panel of 'Judges', if you will, are - well, judging each of them to see who'd be a good fit.

Meanwhile, Debra Messing (Julia Houston) is trying to adopt with her Husband, and they eventually run into some issues, naturally.

Leaving it there for the summary, although the the show does contain spontaneous musical outbursts, SMASH is far more mature than Glee, mature enough for the spontaneity to be overlooked.

SMASH is ambitious, glamourous, fantastically poignant, and ever so hard not to watch. If you're a fan of Glee or just plain singing and dancing in it's most flamboyant form, SMASH is the one for you.



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