Few Word Reviews: Falling Down, Warrior, Sket, I'm Reed Fish, House, Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

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Falling Down

Crazy Mike Douglas with extra crazy please. Side of crazy. - 6/10


Pretty much the most intense film ever. Keeps you hooked (into submission LOL) and doesn't let you go. - 8.5/10

House(2008 Horror film)

It was shit. - 2.5/10

Before The Devil Knows You're Dead

A beautiful, great piece of cinema by the late Sidney Lumet. - 7/10


Random, generic, but a valiant effort. - 3/10

I'm Reed Fish

Quirky, feelgood Indie with a lot of heart. - 6/10


Cillian Murphy/Thandi Newton do a great job of hating each other. Film reminiscent of the final scene of 28 Days Later. Good. - 6/10


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