Review: 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' (2012)

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Now, I’m not one for rom-coms, old people, or India, I’m not in the target age group of the film, and I was not impressed by the advertisements. Somehow, against all of this, I was treated to a simple, feel good film that addressed the darker issues of race, sexuality and death.

Now, this review isn’t all positive, with elements in the film thrown around in a haphazard fashion, it does have some flaws, but I found myself addressing these in spite of the film’s greater points, rather than dwelling on them. Themes of age act to work with the fish out of water aspect of the film, with the film’s narration brought from a blogger in the elderly tribe, yet little moments like this really do detract from the general realism intended in the environment and lives of the characters.

Some relationships are not really addressed, and it almost feels like a scene or two are left in the book and not brought to screen, probably because of the films duration. Yet in this throwaway feel good film, there are some real dark surprises. The real highlights of the film are the characters with some bite; the racism of one character in a scene followed by the sexuality of another really does give this film something better than most British romantic exports, yet it still feels like a clean and easy advert for India, like Slumdog in the golden years.

Overall, I felt surprised by some of the scenes in this film, and I did care about the characters and their woes, so I suggest if you’re looking for something that won’t make you work, or are near your deathbed, please give it a watch. If not, go and watch the Muppets.



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