Introducing: Few Word Reviews, today - Haywire, The Grey, Walking Dead, Homeland, Dexter and more...

Here's an idea for yous guys. 'Few Word Reviews' is the place where we don't quite have the right words to write whole, full reviews for particular films. That, or the film(s) in question aren't worth reviewing fully. It's also easier for you, the Citizens to ingest reviews, rather than suffering countless words and lines of Film jargon.


Hardcore, cuts out the bullshit, gets straight to the action. Carano is hot. - 7/10

The Grey

Wolves + Liam Neeson. Disappointing yet satisfying ending. - 6/10

TV Shows

The Walking Dead

Slow, 1st season was better, picks up at the end. The very end. - 5.5/10


24 - on Premium Cable. - 8/10


Very up and down, Colin Hanks a plus, still poor in comparison to the past seasons. - 5/10 (for Season 6)

Sons of Anarchy

Brilliance at it's finest. Badass, solid storytelling with great twists. - 7.5/10

The Pacific

Bang. - 8/10

So that's it for today.


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