'The Last Samurai' (2003) review

It's a pretty basic story. A guy gets captured by a simple, yet honourable group of people, and he soon warms to them and begins to learn and respect their ways. Alright, so that completely butchers the film, but that's the story in a nutshell. To expand on a film with so many underlying messages might take an essay, so we can leave that for the time being.

The Last Samurai is a beautiful film which expands how we, as Humans, behave when faced against an unknown enemy. It's brilliant how the film's themes can pretty much apply to any generation, but this is something that no man will ever learn. Ahh sheeet, this review is getting too deep.

Tom Cruise perform as expected - and like a Samurai. With honour. Ohhh that was horrible.

Likewise, Ken Watanabe was equally as brilliant on screen, as his delivery and timing of every word of his lines were impeccable.

In summary, TLS is a great film which is beautifully shot as well as performed.

Performances: 8

Visuals: 7

Dialogue: 7

Plot: 7

Overall: 7.5

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