Since it began in 2006, Relentless Energy Drink has created a unique identity for itself by sticking to its “no half measures” ethos in everything it does.

It is available in 500ml cans in five distinct variants, each one imbued with one of the virtues that make up the Relentless identity.

Origin: the original variant, Origin has the virtue of Vision, and helps to nurture that creative spark in your mind and keep the ideas flowing.

Libertus: a variant with no sugar, it shares its flavour with Origin but includes less than 20 calories per can, Libertus is a stimulation drink with the virtue of mental alertness, helping you to stay sharp.

Devotion: made from 50% berry juice, devotion is fuel for your obsession; giving you the stamina and alertness to pursue what you are really passionate about.

Inferno: for when you have suffered for your art and need a boost to carry on. This orange flavoured variant is to help fortify you against what life throws at you.

Immortus: Endurance is a virtue we all need from time to time and the 50% tropical juiced variant helps you push that little bit further.

Thanks to the good folks at Relentless and Dan at Radiator PR, you lucky citizens have the chance to win yourself a month's supply of Relentless!

All you have to do is answer this simple question:

Which orange-flavoured variant of Relentless is best to help fortify you against what life throws at you?

A. Immortus

B. Inferno

C. Libertus

This competition is now closed, thanks to all who entered.


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