'In Time' (2011) Mini-review

It's not everyday there's a film with such potential and talent, but then again, it's not everyday that these films tend to succeed. In Time is the one that in many ways succeeds. Justin Timberlake plays 'Will Salas', a guy who, I guess you could say was in the wrong place at the (right?) wrong time, with Amanda Seyfried playing Sylvia Weis, daughter to billionaire/millionaire/trillionaire father, who owns some sort of generic company that appears to own everything.

Look, in short, this film has all the elements to make it a good film; Action, Violence, Billionaires, Douchebags. It just fell short of expectation.

We were expecting a fantastically paced, well-done film, but instead we were coaxed into thinking that this was gonna be something special.

Performances - 8/10

Visuals - 5/10

Plot - 4/10

Dialogue - 5/10

Overall - 5.5/10


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