'New Year's Eve' (2011) review

So it's a little late, but it's still a new year!

Oh, the excitement of New Year's Eve, standing in the cold, waiting for that special moment for when the clock strikes 12, and you're with that special person, then you see this one lady who's 50 years of age, and she's standing by herself because she's just left her job, then an 18-year-old kid grabs her and kisses her. What a special, twisted time.

NYE wasn't going to be an award-winning masterpiece, but one would expect to at least be entertained. Be prepared not to be.

It's predecessor (though not a direct sequel), 'Valentine's Day', was at least a little different in the sense that it was actually enjoyable. Maybe it was the cast members who made it worthwhile, but then, NYE's cast wasn't exactly to die for.

It really is pointless writing about how bad or good bad this film was because it's difficult to fault something that is destined to be so at it's conception.

Sure, some people may have thought otherwise, but people make mistakes. Like this film. Still though, for it's worth, it delivers what it promises: Soppy, clich├ęd, fairy-tale romance at it's finest.

Performances: 5

Visuals: 6

Plot: 4

Dialogue: 4

Overall: 4.5


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