Second Screening: Breaking Bad

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Breaking Bad

Man oh man. What to say about this brilliant show...? I've just caught up right until the final episode of Season 4, and it is one of the most amazing Television shows I've ever seen. Hell, even THAT isn't praise enough.

From the impressing performances to the stellar cast to some of the beautiful shots throughout the series, Breaking Bad is without a doubt one of, if not, THE best television show to grace the 'tube.

Bryan Cranston plays a High School Chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with lung cancer, and wants to provide for his pregnant wife and son (who suffers from cerebral paulsy) if anything were to happen to him.

Enter, Jesse Pinkman(played by Aaron Paul), a Crystal Meth dealer who Walter White(played by Bryan Cranston) has aligned himself with. I'll leave the description there to avoid spoiling the show any further.

There were very little times throughout the series I had disliked, but these were the odd filler episodes which, although entertaining to watch, deviated from the primary plot line. This isn't something that's new, but when it's done too much it can be a little frustrating, but of course, Breaking Bad was an exception to this.

Putting the (VERY) minor negatives aside, Aaron Paul had performed some of the most amazing monologues I've ever seen during the series, and the character he portrays is so believable yet unpredictable; probably one of the best characters on TV. Likewise, Giancarlo Esposito (Gustav Fring on the show) is easily one of the most sinister antagonists I've seen on any show in some time. His dangerous, yet eerily calm mood is what highlights this man as a benchmark of a 'bad guy'.

There's a lot more I can say about BB, but I'm gonna hold off until it's run ends. Great show, brilliant characters - as well as the characters who portray them. Solid, inspirational; an all round epic-fest.


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