A change to Movieville is coming...again.

So some of you may already know that Movieville has changed it's look/layout a few times now, and there's a solid reason for this.

Basically, the last one we had was a little unstable, and without me realising it, it was a premium theme, but I happened to download it...for free...by accident.

So anyway, I purchased a theme this time, yup, I used money, to purchase a look for the site that will hopefully stick, and will be more appealing to the eyes than the last couple have.

I can only ask that our beloved citizens of Movieville only bear with us during this annoying process, but in the meantime, this look that you see on the site now, is only temporary, and the lack of posts is because of this too, because trying to shift everything onto this new theme isn't as easy as I thought it was.

Mayor of Movieville,



I'm Kazed, the Administrator/Co-Founder of Movieville.org. I love films, which was why I started this site, as an outlet to post reviews. From there, we began posting news bits, then trailers. I've