'Star Trek 2' (2013) set to begin shooting

Source: Screen Rant

We have some great news here, and it's pretty damn exciting to hear, considering the first Star Trek by J.J Abrams was absolutely phenomenal. Here's a few bits of info about the next film in the series:

Trekmovie has learned that principal photography on Star Trek 2 is scheduled to get going by January 15th, 2012 – more than four years after filming began on Abrams’ original reboot. Nonetheless, the news is sure to be welcomed by many a fan who has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s next cinematic adventure.
Ahh, although 2013 is a LONG time to wait for the next film, if it's anything close to the quality of the first film, it'll be well worth the wait. Some more information:
Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has already begun working on certain digital effects shots (ex. starships, planets) in Star Trek 2 that will not incorporate any live-action elements, so as to ensure that post-production on the film can be completed in a timely, but not hurried, manner. Likewise, most of the practical sets and elements used in the 2009 Trek flick (ex. the “renovated” Enterprise interior, Starfleet uniforms) have been preserved and are going to be re-used in the followup. The majority of Star Trek 2 will be shot on sound stages on the Paramount lot. However, Abrams is currently scouting real-life locations to “play” the following:
  • A “jungle planet” that bears a resemblance to the undeveloped regions of Hawaii (that’s where Abrams traveled recently)
  • A “famous Star Trek location” that looks to be brought to life by a museum in Los Angeles
with ILM on board with Trek 2, this is sure to be a huge hit. Not even that, but the first film was so visually stunning, doing something HUGE this time around will surely have to top it's predecessor.
There's no official release date as of yet, but it's been set for a 2013 release, and we'll get to hear more as time goes on.



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